Tour Diaries: Days 23 - 29

Day 23

Ft. Lauderdale FL to Orlando to Daytona Beach

The last sight I saw in the venue we played tonight was a Florida girl throwing up in a trash can. Must have been a hell of a show then? Anyway, she was asking me where I was going, trying to tag along. I did not think it was a good idea. I said bye. She said bye, turned around, and left a trail of vomit all the way to the nearest trash can. I got the fuck outta there. Florida girls. Watch out, boys.
We drove to Daytona Beach after the show to shave off some of the drive time for tomorrow. Our hotel is right on the beach. So naturally we took some beers down to the shoreline to feel the cool sand under our feet. The black Atlantic was warm and kept time with a humble yet powerful confidence. Getting to fall asleep to that ancient rhythm is a blessing.

Day 24

Daytona Beach FL to Charleston SC

You know I love good old Charleston, South Carolina. Last time I was in Charleston I had a much different experience. What with breaking up with my longtime girlfriend and all. Sometimes life changes in the blink of an eye. And that's ok. Maybe even good. Last time I also that spiritual moment standing out on a bridge just listening to the water. Learning that sometimes it is better to let go of things than to hold on to them. The tides do it everyday.
This trip to Charleston has been a lot less intense, to say the least. We played a great show at the Pour House. I met some new friends there that I feel like I connected with. Then again, there were some old friends that weren't there that I've missed connecting with. It's odd when you live this life on the move, if you are not careful, you can slide so easily out of touch with people who are not with you.

Day 25

Charleston SC

An ad agency requested that we record a cover song of their choice for potential placement in a commercial. In order to accomplish this, we had to book a studio to learn and record a song on one of our only days off in forever. As a matter of a fact, I am going to stop using the term “day off” because apparently they do not exist.

This was the first time I had ever played in the studio with the rest of the band, and I must say I did very well. I feel like we all did. We also had a lot of fun. And my drums sounded so great in that room. Like
fucking danger. Yes, the actual act of fucking danger.

It was the last day night with our dear friend and stand-in tour manager, so we went out and had some oysters in Charleston. And proceeded to get hammered.

Day 26

Charleston SC to Charlotte NC

Rowdy, loud-ass crowd in Charlotte tonight. These people came to get fucked up and listen to some music. And buy us shots. The last thing I remember before getting in bed was singing Taylor Swift's “Love Story” at a karaoke bar. Yep. Standard operating procedure.

Day 27

Charlotte NC to Washington DC to Parole MD

DC. Ahh I love it. The 9:30 Club is one of my favorite venues ever. Always a great time. Georgia beat LSU in a thriller. Then played to a sold out crowd. Hell of a time. And the company I was with made it all so much better.
Special, special people in DC. It was amazing to get to see a friend. Quality time. After the show we drove to Parole MD, which is basically Annapolis. Thinking back on it, maybe my favorite day on in a while.

Day 28

Parole MD to Annapolis MD to Secaucus NJ

Day 29

Secaucus NJ to NYC to Philadelphia PA

Always a busy day when we have to go to New York City. They really put is to work when we are there, and having to get in and out of and around Manhattan in a van and trailer is a real sonofabitch.

I got to see some long time friends in NYC. Some folks from Nashville that I once lived with. It was a blessing to get to spend some time with them. I almost forgot to tell them about the show. Which would have been sad. Then I thought about other good friends I actually did forget to invite out to the show. When they came to mind, I had already left the city. I've said before, it is easy to lose touch with people sometimes when you wake up everyday asking “what day of the week is it and what city am I in and what city am I going to today?”